Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Vulcan V510 Hybrid Graphite Review

 Duluth Area Pickleball Association would like to thank,
Charlsey Webster, Affiliate Program Manager at Pickleball Central
for including DAPA in the Vulcan V510 paddle review.
It is a great program to connect our players with new equipment as at:
Vulcan Advanced Logic Pickleball.  https://www.pickleballcentral.com/Vulcan_Pickleball_Paddles_s/314.htm
The new Vulcan V510 Hybrid was used by many players at our open play and
Kathryn added her thoughts in this review.

Vulcan V510 Hybrid Graphite Review

I played with the Vulcan V510 Hybrid Paddle over the course of several days in competitive 3.0 - 4.0 play. I did not have overly high expectations for this paddle at the price point. I was, however, very pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed playing with it. I found that there was a good amount of both power and control. At 7.9 ounces this paddle is heavy enough to provide some real power from the baseline, while at the same time encouraging good control on soft shots from the NVZ. I'm used to playing with a much lighter paddle, and was glad to find that the weight of the Vulcan V510 did not put undue strain on my wrist or elbow. There was no noticeable vibration on harder shots and the connection to the ball felt solid on every hit. The surface texture also allowed for a good deal of top spin action with minimal effort. The comfort of the grip was immediately noticeable and allowed for good ease of use right from the start. I would highly recommend this paddle for any beginner to intermediate player looking to upgrade to a new paddle that won't break the bank.

Kathryn Mongan-Rallis

check out more from VALCAN ADVANCED LOGIC PICKLEBALL Equipment at:  https://www.pickleballcentral.com/Vulcan_Pickleball_Paddles_s/314.htm

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